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  • Forming machine

    Forming / stiffening machine Model: SimmForm2000 /SimmForm2500 Charakterystyka Professional forming/stiffening machines: SIMMForm 2000 and SIMMform 2500, used to stiffen the metal Read More
  • Duct Bending machine

    Duct bending machine LK 1000 Model: BendMore LK 1000 - Duct bending with flange Characteristics Duct bending machine BendMore LK 1000 Read More
  • Double decoiler - one side

    Double decoiler - one side Model Decoiler - Arm 2 Characteristic Double decoiler may be loaded with 2 x 6000 kg mass, Read More
  • Double decoiler - two sides

    Double decoiler- two sides Model: Decoiler - Arm 2 Characteristic Double decoiler for loads up to 2 x 6 000kg, electrically Read More
  • Simple decoiler

    Simple decoiler Model: Simm Decoiler Characteristics Simple decoiler suited for not heavy coil unwinding. Decoiler has no external driver, it Read More
  • Automatic decoiler Arm One

    Automatic Powered Decoiler - Arm One Model Decoiler - Arm 1 Characteristics Decoiler is suited for up to 8000 kg load, electrically Read More
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Simmech is a company with over 12 years of experience in the steel processing technology, constantly improving our solution and technology of machine building to reach client's satisfation.



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